Getting Started with ReadyLinks

Last updated: March 3rd, 2021 - 1 min. read

Welcome to ReadyLinks!
This page will guide you through how to get started in the ReadyView dashboard, the centralized cloud management platform for all ReadyLinks devices and services. It is intended for network administrators who will be monitoring and managing ReadyLinks products.

Start with these 3 steps

Step 1: Create your dashboard
  • Create your ReadyView dashboard account and set up your organization and network.
Step 2: Build your team
  • Set permission levels for your users. We highly recommend adding at least two administrators to avoid account lockouts.
Step 3: Claim your devices
  • Use product mac address to claim your devices. Activate the device on your chosen network.
Create a New Account

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As opposed to traditional hardware that requires physical access to be configured, you can configure everything before you even have your devices, thanks to the ReadyLinks cloud. ReadyLinks devices get their configuration settings from the ReadyLinks cloud, which means the only prerequisite to getting a device up and running is an uplink connection on the device itself. As long as your device can get to the internet and has the appropriate firewall rules configured, your device will be able to contact the ReadyLinks cloud and report on its performance, as well as check for and download its latest configuration.

All of your configuration settings can be set up in the dashboard, either before you have the device or after. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility with the initial setup for a ReadyLinks deployment.