Empowering Seamless Guest Experiences with Scalable Network-as-a-Service


Cox Hospitality Networks, a prominent provider of IP services, plays a vital role in delivering IPTV and Data services to hotel operators. To enhance their IP platform and streamline operations, Cox Hospitality Networks partnered with ReadyLinks for a comprehensive solution. ReadyLinks enabled Cox Hospitality Networks to efficiently support hotel networks and simplify the installation process.


Delivering dependable IPTV and Data services to guest rooms is crucial in the hospitality industry. Cox Hospitality Networks encountered the challenge of efficiently and seamlessly deploying their services across hotel networks operated by their partners. They prioritized maintaining a high-quality and consistent guest experience. To address this, Cox Hospitality Networks acknowledged the significance of optimizing their installation process to minimize guest downtime and disruptions. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of training contractors to ensure a swift installation rate.

Scaling and Investing

Cox Hospitality Networks found the perfect solution in ReadyLinks, which offered an exceptional platform to support their partner hotel networks and streamline the installation process. By integrating ReadyLinks into their operations, Cox Hospitality Networks successfully delivered a smooth and efficient installation experience to partner hotels. As a result, they achieved an impressive installation rate of only three minutes per room.
Cox Hospitality Networks effectively streamlined the installation process with the help of ReadyLinks' advanced technology, which provided a comprehensive hardware and software solution. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design of the platform enabled Cox Hospitality Networks to quickly and effectively train contractors, ensuring efficient deployment of services to guest rooms. This streamlined training process not only accelerated the installation rate but also upheld Cox Hospitality Networks's commitment to maintaining high service quality standards.
Furthermore, ReadyLinks offered Cox Hospitality Networks scalability and flexibility to support partner hotel networks of different sizes and configurations. The platform seamlessly integrated with Cox Hospitality Networks's IP platform, enabling the efficient delivery of IPTV and Data services to guest rooms. With ReadyLinks' robust hardware, a reliable and stable network connection was ensured, thus guaranteeing an uninterrupted guest experience.
Investing in ReadyLinks transformed Cox Hospitality Networks's IP platform into a cutting-edge solution tailored to meet the unique needs of partner hotel networks. The platform's comprehensive API suite facilitated seamless integration with existing infrastructure, enhancing service offerings and delivering a superior guest experience. ReadyLinks' scalability also ensured Cox Hospitality Networks's ability to adapt to future growth and technological advancements, keeping up with evolving industry demands.


In conclusion, Cox Hospitality Networks's collaboration with ReadyLinks brought a revolution to their IP platform, enabling seamless support for partner hotel networks and streamlining the installation process. ReadyLinks' advanced technology and comprehensive solution played a crucial role in Cox Hospitality Networks's remarkable installation rate achievement without compromising service quality. Leveraging the scalability and flexibility of ReadyLinks, Cox Hospitality Networks has positioned itself as a leading provider of dependable IPTV and Data services in the hospitality industry. By utilizing ReadyLinks, Cox Hospitality Networks consistently elevates their service offerings, ensuring partner hotels deliver a superior and uninterrupted guest experience.