Fortune 500 Telecommunications Provider uses ReadyLinks to Increase MRR 300% and Win Subscribers in Competitive Markets

  • 100,000+ subscribers
  • Cloud managed
  • Simplified deployments
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Extensive API

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Provider uses ReadyLinks to Increase MRR 300% and Win Subscribers in Competitive Markets


This Fortune 500 telecommunications company boasts an extensive network of over 400,000 route miles of fiber, serving customers across 60 countries. With a global presence, the company employs a workforce of over 39,000 talented professionals.

In the face of intense competition, this Fortune 500 telecommunications company witnessed a steady decline in market share across major metro markets in the United States. In some regions, their market penetration fell below 5%. However, a transformative shift occurred when they harnessed the power of ReadyLinks technology, integrating it with their unrivaled fiber network. The result? A seamless fiber-based instant activation platform that propelled them to reclaim over 80% of the market share.


Revenue Growth
Reduced Installation Time
Performance Improvement


Digital Transformation and Legacy Infrastructure Consolidation
To kickstart their digital transformation journey and overcome the challenges posed by their complex IT and security architecture, the company sought insights and expertise from industry experts like Mike Jewell and Mike Puccio. They aimed to transition from a legacy infrastructure, comprising numerous applications acquired over decades of growth, to a more agile environment that could better serve their subscribers and technician workforce.
The company grappled with the complexities of maintaining multiple legacy applications across a global enterprise. As their operations expanded, managing the outdated infrastructure became increasingly impractical. They recognized the need for a more streamlined approach to strengthen their market position and regain lost ground.
The burden of relying on a legacy subscriber activation platform further complicated matters. Onboarding new technologies required extensive administrative oversight, while the existing threat protection system left vulnerabilities in the company's architecture. Addressing these limitations became imperative to drive their digital transformation forward.
To tackle these challenges, the company acknowledged the importance of a robust hardware platform and a gradual consolidation of security and subscriber instant activation onto a unified, cloud-based solution. This strategic shift would empower them to support their digital transformation goals effectively and pave the way for a more efficient and scalable infrastructure.

Scaling ReadyLinks Across Regions

Empowering Subscribers and Technicians
In 2019, the company embarked on scaling ReadyLinks technology across regions, driven by a visionary technical innovations group. By strategically deploying fiber uplinks and installing ReadyLinks hardware, they revolutionized service offerings for subscribers in major metro markets.
ReadyLinks instantly enabled a self-activation subscriber platform for nearby addresses, streamlining the process of ordering fiber optic services. Leveraging existing copper conductors, subscribers could effortlessly interface with the service and access a wide range of fiber optic offerings.
With its flexible nature and comprehensive RESTful API integration, ReadyLinks created a best-in-class subscriber activation platform. Custom integrations and seamless enterprise application consumption empowered the company to adapt and align with evolving business needs.
This scaling effort resulted in significant advancements, empowering subscribers and boosting technician efficiency. The seamless synergy between technology and workforce ushered in a new era of seamless service delivery, setting the stage for continued growth and success.


In line with its commitment to digital transformation, the company understands the value of simplifying vendor partnerships. Investing in solutions like ReadyLinks is a strategic move towards long-term excellence in the industry. By embracing innovative platforms, the company remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling it to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional experiences.